through the mind of an AI

Music that lives and breathes


Charlie Bitton
Chief Executive Officer

Charlie is a seasoned executive that trailblazed new product initiatives at Salesforce and led a special force team for IBM Watson as Global Head of Design. Charlie, a consummate visionary, always had the entrepreneurial spirit and used his designer hack-mentality to realize his visions. At 18 he founded his first company Big Apple Lodgings, which was a pre-cursor to Airbnb. But music is his true passion, and Maai, his life’s work.

Lenny Ben Basat
Chief Product Officer

Lenny is an accomplished musician, composer, arranger and record producer from Jaffa, Israel. Among his vast work credits, he has produced albums and composed songs for successful artists in Israel and Europe. He has also been developing music software, and teaching music technology and musical production in ''Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art'' in Tel Aviv.

Yifei Teng
Machine Learning Developer

Yifei is a brilliant engineer from Qingdao, China, with a track record of developing complex projects and bringing bold ideas to reality. His first commercial work at Skycatch resulted in a patent for advanced drone path planning. He worked at Google and is an active contributor to its distributed communication protocol. Yifei also loves music and published papers for the ISMIR conference regarding AI music composition, and gives talks at MMAD regarding algorithmic music.